10 Mistakes Women Make

Catch Him & Keep HimChristian Carter has written an e-book about dating and relationships, Catch Him and Keep Him, that I downloaded a couple of years ago. I learned quite a lot from it and with permission, we’re disclosing some of his tips on dating and relationships between men and women. Some of it you may already know, but some of the information may be new to you.

Each one of these needs some thought, so we’re re-running this as a daily series for 10 days. Subscribe to our feed so you don’t miss one!

“The Ten Most Dangerous Mistakes YOU Probably Make With Men — And What To Do About It…”

Here are the top ten reasons why women keep themselves from living the love life of their dreams – and how to make sure you avoid every one of them…


Betting Your Love Life On His “Potential”

Do you know any women who want the man they’re dating to behave differently?

Of course you do.

And just like me, I’m sure you have friends who date guys who don’t have much going for them or who don’t treat them very well.

Somehow these women always have an excuse for the guy’s shortcomings.

What’s going on here?

It’s actually very simple.

Women (and men) don’t base their choices of men on how “nice” or “good” someone is to them day-to-day.

Women choose the men they do because they feel a powerful GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION for them.

And guess what?

Some women will continue to put up with a guy that doesn’t treat them very well.

Sometimes for months or years…

But why in the world would a woman do that!?

Well, to put it simply, they confuse the strong attraction they feel for the guy with a deeper “connection.”

Women who do this are doomed to end up in failed relationships with the wrong guys.

How do I know?

Because I’ve seen it at least a hundred times…

And because I’ve been this guy in the past myself.

Thinking back on past dating and relationships I’ve had, I was selfish and didn’t offer much.

I’m amazed the women put up with me.

But they did…all the while hoping that I would somehow change.

The women I dated hoped I’d change.

The only thing they saw in me that led them to want to keep me around was the “potential” they saw in me to share my feelings and communicate with them.

The potential for something better and the potential for me to change and be a better lover, boyfriend, companion or whatever…

The truth was, I was hopelessly bad at these things at the time.

And more importantly, I wasn’t even at a place in my life where I knew how to or was interested in developing a deep and committed relationship – with ANYONE.

But deep down these women believed that if they tried hard enough, that it would make up for what was lacking.

They believed that I could become someone else with them…. and that this would be easy for us both.

Talk about a losing battle.

It doesn’t make a lot of  “logical” sense…

But until you accept that lots of women do this AND that YOU could be doing it on some level, you’ll NEVER have the success with men that you choose and want.

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10 Mistakes Women Make With Men #2 – Assuming You Understand Men

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3 Responses to “10 Mistakes Women Make”

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  2. That’s deep yet I find it so true. I’ve been there plenty of times and now I’m starting to wake up and realize that I don’t need to be in that type of situation again. I can’t wait for #2.

  3. Kay says:

    @Imitation Angel – we hope you enjoy the entire series and you find it helpful to you.
    ~Kay and Mandi

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