15 First Date Tips

I’m so impressed with the information Mr. Anonymous Male is sharing with us from Eavesdropping in the Boys Club! His most recent post, 15 Things Women Shouldn’t Do On the First Date, is priceless for those of us that sometimes come away feeling clueless. After I read it I moved on to How to Tell if Your Man is Lying, and now I feel quite empowered.

I highly suggest you add his blog to your feed reader so you can keep up with all his great insider info. That is, of course, after you add Successful Online Dating to your feed reader – just click the big red button on the upper left of the blog.

I met a new guy accidentally on the phone (ever called back a mysterious number that shows up on your cell phone to find out who it was and what they wanted?). If I do actually decide to meet him, he’s going to be my test case for these techniques. It will be interesting, and fun, to report back on my findings. Stay tuned!

Written by dazzled
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  1. sk-rt.com says:

    15 First Date Tips…

    15 tips to help you set the tone of a first date with a new man. Great insider information!…

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