5 Signs a Man is Interested in You – 5 Signs He’s Not

A man’s body language can give you a pretty good idea of whether or not he’s interested in you.

Positive Body Language

  1. Is your date exhibiting good yet relaxed posture? A guy who’s sitting up is being attentive. If he’s slouched over he probably isn’t interested.
  2. Notice whether he makes good eye contact. If he keeps looking into your eyes, he’s interesting.
  3. Is he leaning forward? Then he’s feeling a bond with you.
  4. Physical contact – touching your arm or holding your hand is a very good sign.
  5. He’s listening to you if he nods during conversation. He’s interested in what you have to say. (See #3 below if he’s nodding too much.)

Negative Body Language

  1. If his arms are crossed it indicates there’s a wall between the two of you and you’re not connecting.
  2. Yawning is a bad sign – unless it’s because he was up all night thinking about you.
  3. If he’s nodding too much during the conversation, it means you’re talking to the same wall that was created by the crossed arms.
  4. If he’s looking at everything but you give it up.
  5. Notice the distance between you; if he’s not standing next to you, it could be a bad sign.

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