7 Signs He's Not In Love

We’ve posted a few articles including guest bloggers on how to know when a man is interested, signs that he likes you and so on. When we check our statistics, this seems to be one of our highest search terms. Sounds like women are clueless about how to tell when a guy likes them, how he acts when he’s falling in love.

Really ladies? How is it that CEO’s, educators, attorneys, doctors and all manner of otherwise, intelligent, reasonable and practical women can become unsure, scared, indecisive and down right flighty over the idea of “He loves me; he loves me not?”

I think the bigger question is how to tell when a man is NOT interested. It’s not that we don’t already know the answers. It’s that we don’t want to acknowledge them. We know that a man who is falling in love with us will compliment us, seek us out, and make us feel unique and desirable. They will leave us wanting more. They are concerned about how we feel, they seek to impress us, entice us and woo us. We know when they aren’t treating us that way as well.

However, I think there are some sure signs that a guy is not “the one.” Now one or two of these things happening once or twice…don’t panic. However, if you see a consistent, frequent pattern of behavior, it’s time to let go.

  • He doesn’t call, or calls infrequently. If he’s only calling you at the last minute, he’s telling you nothing better turned up, you were the last resort to avoid staying home alone.
  • He doesn’t make plans. A guy who’s falling in love will think of you as a precious commodity. A guy who’s tolerating you won’t think you are special, and therefore won’t see you as an in demand and happening gal. When he calls at the last minute, he’s really saying “I didn’t think anyone else would have called you, you aren’t that special.”
  • He doesn’t pay attention. Guys that like you will want to make sure you know that they are different from the crowd. They will pay attention to things you like, what you say and what’s important to you. They may not get every detail down, but they should at least remember to ask how your big presentation went, or if you are getting over that cold.
  • He ignores your interests. First, with out common interests, a relationship is doomed. However, it should be a give and take. Are you only doing things he likes to do? Has he made any effort to do anything that would be more of your interest than his or a shared interest? If not, he’s really not trying to keep you around.
  • Everything is on his schedule. What happened to the idea of give-and-take in a relationship? Are you changing your schedule to fit to his? If he’s making no effort, well, he’s not going to start suddenly.
  • You haven’t met his friends. After a while, it makes sense that you start treading into each others social circles. In less you already hung out with the same crowd, you should meet some of his friends.
  • He doesn’t respect you. Think of how you act around someone you respect. You value their opinion; tell them things that are important to you, look forward to their feedback. If he doesn’t treat you in a way that clearly shows he respects you, he probably doesn’t.

Don’t waste your time waiting for a man who’s not interested in you to come around or fall for you. Why do a hard sell just to wind up wasting time and resentful down the road. Ditch the guy who doesn’t like you, and find the one who does.

You won’t find Mr. Right while you are busy chasing down Mr. Wrong.

Written by Mandi

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4 Responses to “7 Signs He's Not In Love”

  1. wow! All of the reasons I decided to break it off with my ex before I got hurt!

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  3. Dondon says:

    All of those signs are perfectly true…

  4. Blackhatseo says:

    Added. Nice work on this one. Btw, my blog is dofollow, stop by and grab a link. Bompa

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