About Kay and Mandi

About Kay

Kay is in her 50′s, is divorced with grown sons, and has been back in the dating game for 5 years. She’s met a surprising assortment of men from online dating sites, many of whom were very nice but just not right for her. Some remain friends. She now refuses to meet anyone at Starbucks – too cliche.

Update: Got married on March 6, 2009! Read My Dating Success Story to find out all about it.

Mandi’s Bio

Mandi is a 31 year old single gal in Chandler, Arizona. Never married, she’s been on the dating treadmill for 17 years. She’s dated all different types of guys, come close to marriage twice. Often besieged by friends for dating advice, she enjoys the opportunity to share what she’s learned from personal experience and watching her friends through romance ups and downs.

Mandi has been a computer geek since the early ‘80’s (yes, there were computers back then) and found with the early advent of the Internet that there were boys out there. Starting with the beginnings of AOL and chat rooms and progressing to the online dating sites that exist today she has learned the do’s and don’ts and made plenty of mistakes along the way.

Mandi has had several successful long term relationships, and is still friends with most of her ex-boyfriends.

When not writing for Successful Online Dating she can be found working as a web designer or researching new posts.

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