American Singles Chapter 2: The Phone Call

Okay, we had the introductory phone call. I’ll refer to this guy as CL. It lasted over 2 hours. CL was very interesting and entertaining, and in an industry I know nothing about, so I really enjoyed the conversation.

CL was courteous enough to give me his last name (I will of course run him through the state records search and Google him). Assuming he was truthful, I know where he works, where he’s lived in the past, and a little about his past relationship history. He made points by not making sexual references, and by referring to things I had written in my profile. I didn’t give him any info about what I’m looking for, because I didn’t want him to reinvent himself to fit my preferences. He seemed different than my usual; since my usual never works out, this may be a good thing.

CL was very clever about working in a first date, and I appreciate cleverness. We’re meeting for dinner on Tuesday evening at a nice restaurant close by. Mandi will of course know where I am and when I get home. We have code words, which is something I’ll cover in a post very soon, since it’s an important safety measure when you meet a new guy.

Next: The First Date

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