I Joined American Singles Today

I took about a two month hiatus from online dating, but I’m back in the game.

You know the emails the dating sites send with pics of your “perfect match.” Usually I cringe when I look at them, but today I saw a guy that really appealed to me. He has a nice smile and there was this look in his eyes… He even lives nearby! Soooo I sent a little flirt his way, and he responded enthusiastically, and I joined American Singles for a month so I could actually email him.

One of the things I’ve gotten tired of is having my pic hanging out there like it’s on a meat hook. I discovered that on American Singles I can keep it hidden and only the people I contact can see it. I like that option a lot for right now.

This is something I’ve done before – taken a break for awhile, until I was ready to get back into it. Online dating can be a lot of fun, but it can also be tough. Thing is, I get bored not have any “possibilities” lined up. I have to admit online dating gives me hope that someone great may be behind the next email.

I changed my hair drastically, but I don’t have a picture with my new self yet. Time to give Joanna at Reverence Photography a call for an updated profile pic. In the meantime, if I meet this guy I’ll give him a heads up and he’ll just have to meet the new me without an advance photo. Hopefully he’ll be pleasantly surprised, since I’ve been told my new hair color takes 10 years off my appearance!

More to come (I hope).

Written by dazzled
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