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image This is a reposting of our article. We have had several recent comments and thought it was a good idea to bring some issues to your attention.

Mandi and I appreciate comments and emails from readers. We sincerely try to provide help and guidance in the online dating arena, and when someone spends the time to write a well-written email like this that has a strong opinion of a site, we feel it’s in your best interests to print it.

We received this email from Stan, and decided to print it in its entirety to warn you of his opinion and experiences with I have to admit that I’ve been having some of the same issues since I joined; in fact, it’s been several weeks and I haven’t even had email correspondence from anyone on the site.

Thanks, Stan, for taking the time to write this:

borderline scam?

Hi, not sure if you guys tried out but it’s a borderline scam. Supporting that site is going to lead to disappointed readers.

The problems with are numerous.

dating preferences ignored

1. It ignores your preferences. It keeps matching me up with people who would have no interest in me or vice versa. For example, I describe myself as average in build, and it matched me up with someone who only wants to meet athletic people.

2. Distance. The site is insane. I live near LA. I have millions of people all around me and it keeps giving me matches that are 50 miles away. Do you know how long it takes to go 50 miles in LA? Lots and lots of hours!

garbage profiles

3. Garbage profiles. They match you up with people who sign up for free accounts! Those usually don’t bother with pictures and have a few sentences describing themselves. Worthless.

4. More Garbage. On top of that they keep matching you up with inactive accounts as well as the trial accounts. These are people who can’t contact you.

5. They’re not even showing my profile to anyone. It’s been days since my “Interest” count jumped. By “Interested” it means someone saw my profile, doesn’t even mean they’re really interested in me. How is it that they can find 10 matches a day for me to look at, but can’t find anyone to show my stuff to?

This is a complete scam. My “active list” currently has 23 people on it from whom I’m awaiting a reply. None of them have replied – you know why? Because they’re not there.

By “reply” it’s not like they have to send me an email. They simply hit an accept or reject button. Being that they’re not even rejecting me, it’s hard to not be suspicious.

no way to get your money back

This site is a scam and I’m seriously considering contacting my credit card, the better business bereau, the chamber of commerce in their home city.

At this point I just want my money back and their policies don’t even allow that.

This site is a scam. Please warn your readers.

Thanks Stan, for your input. We also have an article about my personal experience with

Written by Kay

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22 Responses to “Another Opinion of”

  1. Linda L. says: is a scam. I thought it best to resolve an issue with the company by briefly outlining an inherent weakness of their program which is a frustrating experience for me. The main weakness I found is that the guided questions prevent conversations between matched individuals until completed. It can be similar to playing telephone tag where neither you nor the other person is likely to be available when you log in to continue responding the the guided questions. What are the chances you are going to settle with the first person you go through the process with. Not likely. By then, time is wasted and you are left to repeat the process again.

    In response to my complaint, tries to pin it on the match by suggesting that I report a particular match for inappropriate behavior. How horrible of the company’s staff to suggest that. There is nothing to report about poor matching other than the program that made the poor match. I understand that this happens. What I reject is the forced process of waiting through it all to finally speak with the person and discover that we are not a match at all. This they refuse to acknowledge.

    I’m only into the first month of a six-month membership and they refuse to refund me any of what I’ve paid even though I’ve stopped visiting. When I followed up by repeating my request to cancel and receive a refund, they informed me that they resigned me and that I can continue to participate until my six months is up. Aren’t they listening ? I wish to cancel and not ever visit their website again. And, how is it possible that they resigned me but I can continue as before? If one is resigned, that’s it, resignation means ‘cease to continue as before’ . Have they now redefined the word resign to suit their purpose?

    Dr. Helen Fisher seems to me to have a high profile with this site. When stopped responding to me, I contacted Dr. Fisher. She sends me an email telling me that she has nothing to do with the membership part of the program. Well, isn’t publicity about obtaining membership. And doesn’t her credentials lead people to believe there might be something to the site if she is so heavily publicizing it? No one, it seems, will be accountable for the site’s seemingly fraudulent practise of refusing to refund money.

    If anyone is planning a class action lawsuit against this company. Count me in. My email is

  2. Vikki says:

    Whew! I’m glad I found this information before signing up with After trying eHarmony a few years ago and realizing that MANY of the matches sent were no longer members and unable to respond, I wanted to be sure that was not the case with – but apparently it is. Chemistry claims to send five new matches each day… that’s an unbelievable number of fellows! Unbelievable indeed.
    Thank you for posting this information.

  3. Hmmmmm says:

    I am having trouble with and am surely one of those people who “just don’t respond”. I cancelled my membership, following the procedure on the website, which then stated that my profile was deleted. About a month later, a friend called and told me how nice it was to see me on When I called customer service to get this problem fixed, and my profile actually removed, I was told “Oh, we keep your profile on our site so if you decide to resubscribe there will be a nice bunch of men already waiting for you to contact them”. The service rep refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor or provide a phone number or other contact information to address the issue with someone with a little more status in the organization. Kind of a shame that blogs such as this one are the only outlet for problem “resolution” with Can’t, for the life of me, understand why they would run a business like this.
    I would agree that Helen Fisher should be concerned about all the problems with this dating site. It is surely damaging her reputation.

  4. Kay says:

    I’m finding all these comments about Chemistry very interesting! The only one that I ever stayed on consistently was, and I met some nice guys on there. However, if you read today’s post, you’ll learn that I met my new husband on OK Cupid, which is a free site.

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  6. Lucy P. says:

    I was on the site for a free week trial. They break down your personality to 4 types and the matching begins. My first 5 matches were these really interesting and hot guys. But then after that you get set-up with average joes. Which I don’t understand because I definitely said I was looking for someone athletic. It felt like such a bait and switch scam that I canceled before my trial ended.

  7. Brian says:

    I’m yet another victim of this scam of a website. In 3 months of being on the site I never had a single response. I’m going to do my best to get a refund.

  8. rose says:

    Shame shame on
    well i called to get a refund. some lady answerd the phone i guess they are like in a forgeing country. it was so loud i could not understand the agent.
    they told subscriptions are final. you total control to you account
    the stupid automatic renewal went on.
    no refund. no date ididnt meet anyone, is fraud. dont waste your time on this
    yahoo dating is way better and cheaper.!!!

  9. Kay says:

    I’m not surprised. I think it’s impossible to get refunds from these dating sites. I highly recommend OK Cupid. They recently started a paid level, but you can still meet someone on the free plan.

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  11. Wendy says:

    (My conclusions are speculative, based on my personal experience)
    I joined Match a few weeks ago, as a non-active member, while checking out alternative site options. Within a week or so after joining, I had started to become suspicious of pictures not gelling with written profiles, etc. – actually reported a few. Thinking that ‘chemistry would be more legit & upscale, I unfortunately participated in chemistry’s free weekend (9/18-20/09).

    My match-profile was transferred and in no time at all I received five matches, one of which had initiated interest in me. I live in Maine, but interested-in-me “Andy” was from Brookfield, CT, a town not far from where my daughter attends college in Hamden … “How convenient!” I thought, especially since I am willing to relocate (which was declared in my profile). “Andy” and I completed the compatibility test, which took us to the short-essay level. I chose and answered two questions that I wanted “Andy” to answer. And “Andy” chose and answered two questions that he wanted me to answer, as well. I was very excited & imprested by this “scientific” process! Of course, the ‘free’ weekend ended, so I use unable to view & compare “Andy’s” responses with mine … unless I became a paid member, of course, which at this point I was truly planning to do.

    Then, after sitting on joining a couple more days, I started to get suspicious of the other matches that had been offered to me. (I will not reiterate incompatible stories previously posted.) So, on Tues. (23rd) I decided to do a few searches. After all this is where chemistry gets their database from … and guess what? No “Andy” in Brookfield, nor in the whole state of CT, for that matter!

    Oh…there were other clues, that I missed: At one point “Andy” had not appeared in my active, nor in my archived file – which would have implied that he had stopped our compatibility process. So, I immediately emailed the site to inquire … guess what? Within no time “Andy” magically reappeared, once again, as one of my active matches!

    I have since had a few email exchanges with chemistry’s PR Dept. and what I can tell you is that they are choosing their words very carefully … and have not yet denied my allegation that “There never was an ‘Andy’ – I was duped by a fictitious ploy-character!” (a situation I have not read in any of these postings.) I also shared my personally history, as an individual that had been “psychologically phoned-stalked” by a guy for nearly two years, before being caught … so was somewhat ‘spooked’ to begin with!

    This experience has really taken me back – I am, personally, in a position that I need to trust my judgment and intuition … and ‘chemistry’ has compromised that. I can’t believe I fell for their setup and how long it took me to catch on. I am frankly, also, embarrassed, as well; … they’ve made a fool of me! They took their deception way to far, by psychologically playing with my mind.

    And as far as chemistry’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr. Helen Fisher … I left a message on her site to email me, as I wanted to be cordial and not post on her blog (for all to see) my experience of her “scientific” materials be coupled with fabricated matches, by chemistry … and guess what? No response! My conclusion is that she is, either, fully aware of Match’s chemistry-deception … or she’s horrified (as I am) and doesn’t know what the hell to do. In any case … or should I say, in this case … too much Beta-carotene is bad for you!

  12. Kay says:

    Wow Wendy, thanks for sharing your experience! One thing I feel I must say to you – don’t be embarrassed! We have all fallen for this – we trusted in the integrity of the site and the spokesperson behind it. You have been smart and proactive, and I admire you for that.

  13. Wendy says:

    REFUNDS! … And, Kay, thank you for your compassion and acknowledging that I am smart & proactive … I notice that many of you here are seeking refunds, but have commented that this is next to impossible – Stan, has even commented that chemistry’s “policies don’t even allow for that.”

    I AM NOT A LAWYER, BUT I have done a 6-mo internship program at the Maine Office of the Attorney General (AG), as a volunteer consumer mediator – so can confidently share this FACT: STATE & FEDERAL LAWS ALWAYS OVERRULE ANY COMPANY’S POLICIES.

    First, individuals have two billing cycles to dispute, in writing, any credit card charges. What this means is that you would be refunded (credited), and the credit card company, themselves, would then pursue the company, to recoup their loss. Secondly, if over the two-month billing cycle, you have a right to submit a complaint to your State AG’s consumer division (if/when available) and file suit for your compensation (a free service in my state). In Maine, if/when enough consumer complaints are filed against a given company, the process is taken out of “mediation” and is ultimately “investigated” by the (this) office – which could possibly lead to a company not being able to conduct further business in our state, and/or even prosecution, for consumer fraud (deception) if/when applicable … In this case, prosecution could prove difficult as ‘chemistry’, sister site to, is ultimately owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp (known as IAC personals), which I believe to be (speculating, here) a foreign company(?).

    I actually have a follow-up (update) to my previous “CT-Andy” posting – a (new) “ME-Andy” submitted to me, by ‘chemistry’, as a possible match-interest … but I’ll reframe from writing, st this time. Are they trying to cover their tracks, due to my correspondence with them??? … Have they failed to notice, in my profile, that I am a NONFICTION WRITER? I notice that Linda L’s email has either been disconnected or rerouted to another’s (?), so I won’t bother to submit similarly … but it doesn’t mean I haven’t considered!

    My fellow scamees, for now I’ll leave you with this: EAT YOUR VEGGIES, BUT GO EASY ON THE CARROTS!

  14. Lee says:

    seem like http://WWW.BBB.ORG (Better Business Bereau) are another better channel of getting this fraud company expose and your refund back

  15. Kay says:

    Very good suggestion, Lee!

  16. maxseattle says:

    A full year after Linda L’s comments, has not changed its approach to refunds. I’m still beside myself that this kind of business practice is allowed. By adding this post, I hope that others do their homework before signing up with I obviously failed to do that and am now paying for another six month contract that I never wanted. I tried cancelling after a few weeks last October, but they were just as unwilling to work with me. If someone out there is ready to proceed with some form of action, I’m all game. I’m currently proceeding with posting where I can and filing complaints with the FTC and BBB. When I’ve got it all of out my system, I’ll stop. By then, I hope to leave a long trail detailing’s inability to provide the service it offers and its deceptive autorenewal procedures. Surely, the local BBB in Dallas can do something about this company.

  17. dazzled says:

    Max, will your credit card company take it off your bill?

    I had trouble canceling Yahoo personal a few years ago. I finally changed my bank account. They then actually sent me a rude email!

  18. Patty says: IS A SCAM – I don’t understand why there is no way to get them shut down.

  19. Warren says:

    I believe is a variation of See in the Terms and Conditions you are expected to read.

  20. Andrew says:

    Hi all,

    Yes, Match, Chemistry and SingleParentsMeet are all run by the same group. They may own more, but they definately own those three. Public whois info below:

    Domain Name:

    Host Master, L.L.C.
    P.O. Box 25458
    Dallas TX 75225
    US +1.2145769352 Fax: +1.2145769350

    Domain Name:

    Host Master, L.L.C.
    P.O. Box 25458
    Dallas TX 75225
    US +1.2145769352 Fax: +1.2145769350

    Domain Name:

    IT Staff
    People Media, LLC
    P.O. Box 25458
    Dallas TX 75225
    US +1.3236030188 Fax:

  21. dazzled says:

    Nice catch, Andrew!

  22. Joshua Lawrence says:

    Chemistry is a TOTAL scam. I took advantage of their 3-day free offer because I was already a member of and I cannot seem to get out of it no matter what I do. No one responds to my e-mails. The system for resigning on-line does not work. They just keep sending endless matches to my e-mail box and I want it to stop.

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