Chapter 1

imageI joined through their buy one get three offer:

Three months for the price of one on! You save more than 50%! Joining

Here’s how it’s going so far…

An Evenly Sliced Personality

What really sucks about my personality test on is that there are 4 quadrants, and I am very close to 25% on each of them. Which means they can match me up with absolutely anybody and it’s supposed to be a “great match.”

What’s With the No-Photo Profiles?

It doesn’t look to me like they’re paying much attention to my likes and dislikes with the matches they’ve made. Maybe it’s too soon to tell. But I really don’t think the guy that looks like a thug in a Harrah’s t-shirt who wants to go bowling once a week fits my profile at all. And why do they even bother sending me profiles with no photo?

Flunking Essential Relationship Questions 101

There are “relationship essentials” questions, and you rate each item as important to not important to you in a partner on a sliding scale. I think I’m flunking that part.

For example, one of them is extremely clean and neat. Well, I guess maybe I’m too analytical, because I focused on the extremely part…and since I don’t want a neatness fanatic that bitches at me every time I leave a magazine in the wrong place, I rated that somewhat low. Now I’m thinking it makes me look like a slob.

All these guys are highly into fashion and style too. Hmmm.

It’s Either Sincerity or Bullshit

Oh dear, am I being snarky once again? The one thing I do like about most of the profiles I’ve been reading (except for the incoherent one where a man and woman must be ONE and can only be complete with EACH OTHER) is that these guys seem to have put some sincerity and thought into them. Or else they’re all bullshit.

Oops, there I go again!

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