Ego Boosters – Making Men Feel Good

ego boosters for men We all “know” this yet it seems to be so difficult to balance the idea of a fragile male ego with the macho image guys want to portray. The truth of it is, guys are people too (well, most of them) and they have the same fears and insecurities women do. We just show these in different ways.

Here are five things men worry about, and how you can help:

  1. Body Image: Yes, men also have concerns about their bodies; they just aren’t as vocal as women. Instead of weight concerns, most men are more concerned with height, hair loss and of course, their penis. While it’s unlikely that most men will ever turn their lady and say “Do these jeans make me look fat” they show their insecurities in other, less blunt ways, or try to overcome them with bravado.
    What you can do: Guys will feel patronized if you are too direct with some of their insecurities. Instead, let them know you are physically attracted to them and that you do find them sexy.
  2. Fear of Betrayal: While society has done a great job of painting men as unfaithful, and will hump anything that moves, women cheat too. Men are much less likely to forgive a cheating woman, and they may carry scars from past relationships.
    What you can do: Stay faithful; if you are in a committed relationship, be committed. Show your loyalty by taking your man’s side and being supportive.
  3. Disappointing You: One thing men worry about a lot is disappointing or letting down their partner sexually. With it being harder for most women to orgasm then men, they can feel unsure of what to do to please you, which can lead to anxiety.
    What you can do: Enjoy the sexual relations. Sounds simple, but just have fun. Tell him what you like; don’t expect him to know what turns you on. If there are performance issues, don’t take it personally, and don’t tease, you will only make the situation worse.
  4. Being “Strong”: Even Sheryl Crowe asked the question “Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man?” Men are concerned that if they show weakness, if they show need, we will think of them as less manly and lose interest. I can only think of a few times that boyfriends have cried in front of me, and it was something they were extremely sensitive about for weeks afterward.
    What you can do: Be supportive. We are always claiming we want a sensitive guy, so if he shows that softer side, don’t tease him. Don’t share it with others either, he’s showing this to you not to his friends.
  5. Keeping Up with the Joneses: While relationships and earning power have made huge strides towards equality, men still worry that a richer, more powerful man will sweep you away. They worry about the money and the toys that they perceive as icons of success.
    What you can do: Let him know you like him for who he is, not what kind of car he drives. While there are slackers out there who may need a kick in the butt to get a job, if your guy is pulling his weight, let him know it’s not the material things you are seeking.

Overall, make sure you are being supportive, and understand that men have fears too. Don’t be immature with jokes, even when fighting. Words do have lasting impact and some can never be taken back.

Written by Mandi
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