First Date – 5 Fantastic Ideas for 1st Dates

first date ideas By now, you know that I prefer that first dates be kept short, simple and flexible. This allows you to fairly easily and painlessly escape a date that is not going well, while leaving plenty of room to continue on if everything is moving in the right direction.

So what should you do on a first date?

Remember that the ability to have a conversation is key.

You aren’t on a date with a restaurant or movie theater, you probably already know if you like Italian food or Action Adventure movies. You are there to get to know the other person.

Here are some ideas that will allow you to have a fun, flexible date. Knowing that not everyone will be comfortable staring into the eyes of a virtual stranger for an extended period of time while talking about that time in the 3rd Grade (you know the one) I’ve included some ideas that offer enough distraction to ease awkwardness, while still allowing for one on one interaction and conversation.

    1. Coffee to Go – Why not sit in a coffee house? Well, like I said above, that can get a little uncomfortable. Why not get some coffee and go for a walk in a park? Perhaps there is an interesting waterfront, or window shopping area that would afford lots of views and people watching opportunities. Sometimes what’s happening around you can serve as a conversation starter, rather than a distraction.
    2. Miniature Golf – I know, you are thinking cheesy high school stuff, right? Wrong. The sheer silliness of trying to hit a day-glo golf ball past a spinning windmill should help overcome any stalls in conversation. It’s also a great way to see how good natured and competitive the other person is. If golf isn’t your thing, go-karts or arcades can accomplish the same thing.
    3. Tourist Traps – Is there a cheesy place in your city? A large ball of twine or a mystery thing? While many may think this is silly, finding something truly local and off the wall can be a lot of fun. In many cases, it can be something that you’ve both wanted to see, but never made the time for. Just try to avoid super long guided tours that would limit conversation!
    4. Volunteer – So this one might sound a little altruistic, and you do want to make sure the other person is open to it before you scheduled anything. Many volunteer activities offer plenty of time to talk. Working in a soup kitchen preparing food, or helping sort donations at a thrift shop can be a great way to get to know someone, and help the community at the same time.
    5. Artistic Expression – A paint your own pottery shop might be just the ticket. Watching someone decorate something can tell you a lot about them and open up really interesting lines of conversation. If everything goes well, you can work in picking up the fired pieces as part of a follow up date.

    I specifically left off beaches, hikes and forest picnics for a reason. It’s never a good idea to seclude yourself away from others while you are getting to know someone, and if you are doing the asking, you don’t want your date to feel uncomfortable.

    Someone who’s concerned about their safety in any way is not going to be a great and open conversationalist. So keeping in mind what you and the other person like to do, finding an environment conductive to talking, and being a little creative can lead to the first of many dates!

    Written by Mandi

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    4 Responses to “First Date – 5 Fantastic Ideas for 1st Dates”

    1. Another one: take her to the grocery store to buy cakes and then have a cake decorating contest back at your place!
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    2. Kay says:

      Sounds like fun…but remember a lot of women won’t go to your place on the first date.

    3. Great ideas. It is nice to have some original first date ideas other than just the typical dinner and a movie.
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    4. Anderson says:

      Walking in a park is a great idea too :)
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