You can’t get this directly from their site, but has the following offer:

Three months for the price of one on! You save more than 50%!

Since that’s a really good deal, I updated my profile yesterday, and they have since come up with 5 matches and 2 other guys that are interested in me. So I’m going to join today and see what happens. Sigh.

How Works is not as wide open as, although they are affiliated. On you take a personality test, and they match you with others. No trolling through profiles or having hundreds of creepy guys perusing yours.

You look at the matches they put you with, and indicate if you’re interested or not; they do the same. From there you can communicate.

The one annoying thing I discovered is I can’t see the guys that are interested in me until l join.

Snarkiness – A Good Thing

I’m still in that somewhat snarky mood, but maybe that’s a good thing. For all that Mandi and I write on here, with all the experience I have gained (earned) with the online dating scenario, I still have a hard time with being too trusting. Maybe snarkiness will make me a little more objective.

Also, with a full 3 months to check it out, I won’t feel like I must take advantage of the one month trial period, which is what I usually do, until I decide whether or not I like that particular dating site.

More to Come

Stay tuned for more! I’ll keep you up-to-date on what happens with my newest experiment.

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