Left Behind – A True Tale

A few years ago I met a guy on one of the dating sites. To be honest, I really don’t remember which one, but it was free and fairly cheesy. He sounded like an OK guy, so we set up a date. Following my rules, I made it for a bar where I knew the staff so that I would feel safer meeting a complete stranger.

I was about to walk into the bar to meet my date when my cell phone rang. It was a friend of mine from college, Jeremy. He wanted to know what I was up to that night, and I admitted it was a blind date. Ever gallant, Jeremy offered to swing by the bar; “pretend” to randomly run into me and make sure everything was going well. If the date sucked, we would go do something together, and if by some miracle, me and the guy were hitting it off, Jeremy would wander off and leave us to it.

So, backup plan firmly in place, I squared my shoulders and headed in to the shark infested waters of the Tempe bar scene. Unfortunately, out of all the fish in the sea, my date was a puffer fish. He bought me a drink, and we attempted to make conversation.

Right on cue, Jeremy pops in and is *completely* surprised to run into me. My date actually invites him to join us. They order me a second drink. Now, we were at Fat Tuesdays – a bar with notoriously strong drinks featuring among other alcohols Everclear.

Two thirds of the way through that drink, I felt the call of nature, so I wobbled off to the ladies room. Now, somehow, in the bonding and sisterhood that happens in the Hall of Stalls I started a conversation. No, strike that, a revolution.

Pretty soon all of the ladies in there were all riled up about men, the unfairness of it all and I am fairly certain at least one bra was burned (but not mine, it was cute with polka dots.)

Now, revolution is never easy, and it can be time consuming. Apparently VERY time consuming. I went back to my table, and found a whole different group of people than who I left behind.

*Blink* I looked to my left. I looked to my right. No blind date dude. No Jeremy. I did find my drink, so that was a good thing. After canvassing the neighboring tables, I was able to piece together what happened.

After I went off in search of solidarity in the ladies room, Jeremy had to also use the facilities; however, I’m certain his trip was less eventful than mine. Since I had not returned from igniting fires in the Ladies, my blind date assumed he’d been ditched, and took off. Jeremy returned and saw the table empty, and assumed my date and I had moved on together. So he left. And I ended up left alone. At least the tab was paid!

I ended up sitting at a table with a waiter’s girlfriend; she drove me home where we drank more and tried on all the shoes in my closet (a great idea at 2 am.) I even gave her a really cute pair I couldn’t wear.

Overall, I can’t say I’m all that disappointed in how the night turned out.

Written by Mandi
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2 Responses to “Left Behind – A True Tale”

  1. sk-rt.com says:

    Left Behind – A True Tale…

    A sad tale of blind dates, well meaning friends and a bathroom revolution….

  2. Nancy says:

    Great story – the kind that makes tears come to your eyes b/c of the “vodka on the rocks” you had while reading it.

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