Meeting in Person – 5 Signs a Man Is Interested in You

Sometimes men seem so hard to read! In many ways they’re all 8 year olds, yet they’ve learned over the years to hide their emotions well. Women excel at reading emotions, but when they’re not visible, we can become confused about what is really going on with a guy.

This can be especially hard when you’ve just met a man for the first time in person, after a series of emails and phone calls.

These 5 signs tell you he’s interested (or not):

He gives you ‘The Look’
You know that look – his eyes sweep over you, then his eyes lock onto yours, with the glimmer of a smile on his lips.

Unfortunately, that ‘look’ mostly means that he finds you physically attractive. While that’s a plus, don’t put too much into it, since you want him to want you for more than sex. And if that look and smile are too slimy, leave soon.


If he orders and pays for you both (always assume he’s paying the first time), sits near you in a chair, and leans in to talk to you, things are good.

If he doesn’t order coffee, or asks you if you’re sure you want something in a voice that hopes you don’t, leave now. I actually had a guy complain to the barrista that since I ordered a grande coffee, I must be planning to stay a long time. I should have turned around and walked out at that moment. I still regret not doing so.

The conversation
He watches you closely while you’re speaking to him, and is actually listening to what you say.

If he’s glancing around the room every few seconds, only paying casual attention to your words, and/or checks his watch frequently, cut it short and write him off. If he sits and watches a game at your first meeting, get up and leave (you may start to notice a theme here).

He touches you casually
When you’re talking, he’ll touch your arm or your shoulder for a moment. He may take your elbow or your hand as you’re walking together.

On the other hand, if he slides his hand up your thigh, or leans over to tweak your nipple, leave. If you’re sitting in a dark bar, and he gently takes your hand and places it on his newly freed penis, get up and leave. Yes, all this and more has happened to me.

He expresses interest in seeing you again

This would seem to be a no brainer, but if the man is really interested and wants to see you again, he will say so at this first meeting. Be prepared with a stock answer so it will be easy for you to respond gracefully if you have decided you don’t want to see him again.

If he doesn’t mention another date, stay cool and don’t say a word about it. Occasionally men are shy about it and will call/email you later, but don’t plan on that happening. If you tell him you like him and would like to see him again, without him saying so first, you will appear desperate, and men run desperately from desperation.

If this first meeting went well, congratulations and good luck. If it didn’t, write it up as experience and move on. There are plenty more out there!

Written by Kay
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