Mistake #5 – Misreading Signals

Catch Him & Keep Him

Continuing on with Christian Carter’s 10 Mistakes Women Make With Men…

Misreading The Important “Signals” Men Send

Men are constantly communicating how they feel about a woman and giving away big secrets about themselves.

Most women don’t pay attention to these signals or recognize them for what they really are.

The signals men send have 4 main levels:

1) Social: Where the man is at in his own life – stability, confidence, direction

2) Emotional: Whether or not he’s “emotionally available”

3) Physical: If he’s attracted to you… and for what reasons

4) Love State: If he’s open to building and growing a relationship in the future

The funny thing is that men send signals in these areas completely on accident.

That’s great news to women…

Men can’t help it!

Recognize the Signals Men Send

10 Secrets About Men

You need to learn to recognize these signals to get anywhere serious with a man.

Next – Mistake #6: Relying On Your Natural Ability To Judge A Man’s Character

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2 Responses to “Mistake #5 – Misreading Signals”

  1. John says:

    I think men send those signals by chance because there looking for those answers from the women…..oh the mind! it works in strange ways

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