Mistake #6 – Judging Character

Catch Him & Keep Him

Do you think you have men figured out? Well, maybe you don’t…men tend to be indirect and women often find men hard to understand. Continuing our series from Christian Carter’s “10 Mistakes Women Make…”

Relying On Your Natural Ability To Judge A Man’s Character

People aren’t easy to figure out.

Especially men.

The last several years of my life I’ve spent hundreds of hours learning to understand people.

I’ve studied peoples behavior, “inner psychology” and more specifically how they think and act when they’re dating.

From what I’ve seen, both men and women have their own secret ways of saying things.

But you can only see these secret communications if you know what to look for.

Women communicate with hints, body language, sarcasm, and flirting when they’re first getting to know a man.

They can either directly or indirectly let men know if they’re open to something more serious.

In Case You Didn’t Know – Men are Different

10 Secrets About Men

Men generally communicate with sarcasm, humor, cockiness and other “indirect” displays of status.

VERY RARELY will a man be able to honestly communicate to a woman whether or not he’s ready or capable of developing a meaningful relationship.

Aside from their sexual interests, men send very indirect signals about where they’re at.

If you don’t know how to read through the signals men send, then you’ll get the wrong message.

Getting the wrong messages from men causes women more pain and heartache than any other issue around.

You can avoid this pain if you learn to identify a good man from a bad one.

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