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OKCupid! Is Worth Checking Out

For those of you who haven’t tried it – OKCupid! is really worth a look. First off, it’s a FREE dating site. That’s right, FREE. No gimmicks, no spam (I have a specific email I used for them, I would know if they sold my address.)

However, even more than the fact that it’s free (did I mention that already?) is that the technology behind the search as a least as good as, if not better than expensive dating sites like E-Harmony, Chemistry.com and Match.com.

Improve Matches

By answering questions for yourself and then how your ideal match would answer, they are able to better match you with someone you’d actually like to date. The more questions you answer, the better suited your matches will be for you.

The questions are multiple choice, select 1 answer for your self, and depending on the question, multiple answers for your ideal match. What I really like about this is we don’t always want our partner to mirror us in everything. If I would do one thing, but want a guy to do something slightly different, or if it’s something that is not that important to me, I can specify in my answer.

You also can mark how important a question is to you, even making it a “Key Question” that someone must answer before they can message you. Unlike the hours of profiling at E-Harmony, you can answer 1 question and move on, or get obsessed and answer 100 in one sitting. Most of the questions are USER written (monitored by staff) so these are things people who actually use the site care about.

Match Percentages

All the profiles show you what percentage “Match,” “Friend” or “Enemy” you are with the person you are looking at. Based on the number of questions you have EACH answered, you will see a “Maximum Possible Match” percentage. If one of you hasn’t answered very many questions, your percentage will be lower.

OK Stalkers!

No, not real stalkers – but the Stalkers feature allows you to see who has viewed your profile, and how long ago. It helps to know if a guy is interested in you before you "Woo" him. You can turn these features off; you won’t show in others stalker reports, but you won’t see who viewed you.

Quick Match

This is a great feature. With a few basic criteria: Age Range, Location, Gender and Orientation, you can quickly browse through potential matches. They have you rate them 1-5 stars on Looks (let’s face it, we all care about what the photo looks like, at least they are honest) and Personality.

They do have a “can’t tell” button if the photos are blurry, the profile doesn’t have a photo, or if they didn’t fill out their profile. After you rate, it moves to the next user. If you rate someone 4-5 stars for looks or personality and they rate you 4-5 stars as well, you will both be notified via email.

What I love about this is if I find a guy good looking, it takes the worry out of what he thinks about me. I know for sure the guy is interested in me. Getting those emails with the subject “4 or 5 Star Match” is a real ego booster.

Personality Awards

This feature is a little harder to understand and get used to. To really understand it, check out their FAQ’s which are actually an entertaining read. Basically, they compile all the data from the Questions and Tests you can take, and based on magical numbers I don’t understand, figure out where you are in certain categories versus the rest of the population.

For example, on my profile I have the following awards: More of a Planner, Less Compassionate, More Independent, More Extroverted and so on. These are all dead on. Now sometimes I will see one and think where did they get that, but the awards change based on the questions and tests you take.


This is GENIUS! You can add a note to a profile, they don’t see it but you can review. So you can leave a note if you messaged someone, if they were rude, anything that will help you know what’s going on.

Dead to Me

The ability to prevent certain members from showing up in any of your match lists. This is great when an ex or a co-worker keep popping up in your list.

WTF Reports

Directly from their site “WTF Reports allow you to compare your Match Question answers with those of another user, and see what sort of "damage" it did to your Match Percentage with that user when you answered questions differently.”

So now when you wonder why a guy doesn’t seem quite right for you, you can see what’s really going on. You can even control the ability to pull a WTF Report, so that they can’t do it without your knowledge / approval.

There are lots of other great features on the OKCupid dating site…and all this for the low, low cost of NOTHING. At that price, I urge you to check it out.

Keep in mind, that no matter if an online dating site is free or costs tons, make sure you read 10 Tips for Staying Safe When Using an Online Dating Service and remember to watch for Red Flags.

Written by Mandi
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7 Responses to “OKCupid – Free Dating Site”

  1. hooligan says:

    Yeah free dating sites that are actually good are really hard to find. Thanks for the links. Ill check okcupid out.

  2. Susana says:

    Great website, thanks for the information!

  3. [...] the story – I decided to try OK Cupid at Mandi’s urging…she said the tests were fun to take and it’s a free dating service. So I did, took some tests, [...]

  4. I met my fiancé on OKCupid. Neither one of us were really looking for anything serious, but we fell in love. We’ve been together for fourteen months now and are getting married Nov. 2011.

    OKCupid is a “fun” site as well. It doesn’t have the same old humdrum questions – eye color, hair color, what are you looking for? etc. It has questions like, “what are five things you can’t live without?” The way the profiles are designed, you can tell a lot more about a person and their personality than the standard dating site questionnaire.

    Have met some friends on there as well :) We used to compare dating war stories, and now they just tell me theirs.
    .-= IAMNORMALYOURENOT´s last blog .."The Kids" =-.

  5. Kay says:

    So far I think it’s the best site online. Thanks for your comment…it’s so cool you met someone there! Congratulations!

  6. We always recommend to people to make sure the free online dating site they join only excepts members with local IP addresses to stamp out fraud members. This gives singles a better online dating experience.
    .-= Matt from dating websites´s last blog ..ericbush =-.

  7. The best dating site ever, and it’s FREE. You absolutely cannot go wrong!!

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