Online Dating Advice from the Trenches

There are so many dating sites available, and more popping up every day. No matter what you’re looking for, or what you’re into, there’s a site that will cater to you.,, eHarmony, American Singles, Plenty of Fish, – each one is different and attracts different types of people.

Our goal is to take a close look at the most popular dating sites, with candid pros and cons from this author and guest contributors. You’ll laugh at some of our stories, and be aghast at others! Most will come from women, but there will be feedback from the guys, too. Names will be changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent.

There will also be some great dating tips – what to watch out for when you’re looking for love on the Internet; how to do some quick, often free, background checks to find out about someone before you meet them; red flags and deal-breakers that you can spot within the first few minutes of meeting your date for the first time.

These tips come from real-life experience, and will hopefully help you in the midst of trying to figure out what men want from women, and what women want from men. We’re all looking for love, just different versions of it sometimes. No one wants a broken heart – we’ll try to help you avoid that calamity.

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Stay tuned, because it’s gonna get fun – and probably pretty crazy too!

Written by Kay
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