Online Dating – A Small World After All

small worldOne of the reasons I like online dating is the somewhat more anonymous nature. Rejection is easier – because you never have to see that person again.

Or So You Think!

What happens when you come across a profile of someone you know from OUTSIDE the online dating world?

Do you

  • message them and see if you hit if off?
  • ignore them and pretend you didn’t see it?
  • secretly look at their profile and hope they look at yours?
  • delete your profile, blow up your computer and move to Antarctica?

This has actually happened to me on more than one occasion. In fact, it’s what prompted this entry. (Guess what I was doing 5 minutes ago! Yes, we really do use online dating here!)

For Instance…

Example 1: There is a guy I know at work – very sweet, but very non-datable. From the conversations we have had, I just know he’s not someone I am interested in. Plus, he asks out ALL the females there. So, he was getting a little bit more forward (no where near an HR issue) and I felt bad….so I told him “I have a boyfriend.”

Sweet, I’m off the hook…..until he found my profile on a dating site, and messaged me a few months later. This time, I was slightly more up front, via the safety of the Internet, and told him I don’t date guys at work (see next example for why this isn’t 100% honest.)

Example 2: I met a guy sort of through work (see my post about Social Networking) and we went out a few times. Then we stopped seeing each other. Then we started “seeing” each other again. It was totally cool, because he worked in a different department, in a different building, and we never left anything on bad terms, just awkward at times.

Of course, now he works in MY BUILDING, in the same part I do, where he has to walk by my desk all day long. I really don’t mind, he and I are still friendly. However, when I am on a dating site, and I come across his profile as on of my top matches…it does cause me to stop and think.

It’s a Small World

I have also come across guys I went to high school with, boys I am friends with, and other people I work with. For the most part, I personally choose to ignore them as a match. Unless they message me, I simply pretend I didn’t see them on the site.

However, for a non-work situation, it may be that little spark you needed to let a “friend” know that you are available, and might be open to at least entertaining the idea of dating. If seeing your profile is what lets him or her tell you that they are interested in you, awesome.

See Who Looked at Your Profile

Also, just a tip – make sure the site you are on doesn’t let users track who’s looked at their profile before you hit up that co-workers page out of curiosity, unless you are fine with them knowing you looked. The same rule applies when looking at ex’s profiles too, remember, if you can see who looked at yours, you can bet they will know if you peeked too! (Kay’s note: sometimes you can turn off this feature before you go check them out…I know all the sneaky tricks.)

Written by Mandi

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2 Responses to “Online Dating – A Small World After All”

  1. Chelle says:

    Wow, that could be awkward! There are times I had seen people I already knew when I had tried online dating sites, but thankfully none of them contacted me :)

    Chelles last blog post..You Have Choices in Your Relationship

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