Qualities That Attract Men

This guy makes a good point. Men like the different qualities women bring to a relationship.

Arkady has a series of videos… I just wish he’d chosen a different background – it would give him more credibility!

Written by dazzled

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3 Responses to “Qualities That Attract Men”

  1. [...] out this video on Kay’s blog Successful Online [...]

  2. Renee says:

    Gender essentialist bullshit. He kept referring to women as soft. What he is looking for is an opportunity for men to dominate women and that is clear from his little speech. There is nothing that is a female characteristic or a male characteristic for that matter. These traits that we consider to be natural are actually trained behaviors, we are constantly performing gender throughout our lives and this is limiting to women in many different aspects.

    Renees last blog post..Caylee Anthony Is Not The Only Missing Child

  3. Unfortunately, that is how the net dating world is…it’s at times like searching for a needle in a haystack. Believe having one of your (female) supporters attending at your profile, supplying some advice on what you could do to attract those you are interested in meeting. And perhaps too, you should ease up on your standards a bit (at least when it comes to body type. But perhaps you don’t have the “goods” to get your ambition girl. It’s not all about feeling or success, though that can help. Mostly it’s attitude to attract women. At a guess I would say you reek of desperation, even though you don’t realise it.

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