Red Flags Common to Men and Women

An amusing article about red flags from a woman’s viewpoint, then a man’s, made me realize that most red flags are common to both genders.

So without further ado, beyond the givens, such as personal hygiene, here’s a gender-neutral random list of red flags to watch for:

A person who:

  • doesn’t call when they say they will
  • is very critical
  • says negative things about their former spouse
  • after a third or fourth date, is online chatting with other possibilities by the time you get home
  • writes, expresses interest, and then disappears off the face of the earth
  • takes you for granted
  • can’t deal with you having opposite sex friends
  • says you’re great but then starts dropping comments about your clothes, hair, home …
  • sees perceived slights in every word or gesture and demands apologies
Written by dazzled
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