Chapter 3: Review of a First Date

Wow, how time flies! If you read my last post (over a week ago), you may be wondering if CL murdered me or something.

No, nothing so dramatic. It was a nice date…we had some things in common, so there was plenty to talk about. No sparks flying, but I wasn’t repelled either.

If he had called, I would have gone out with him again to see if anything was there, but he didn’t call. It makes me wonder what guys are looking for. He seemed attracted to me, seemed to have a good time, and in fact when we parted said we’d definitely do dinner again. Then nada.

So no, I don’t have a broken heart, but I am left, once again, somewhat confused. What ARE men looking for?

Written by dazzled
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One Response to “Chapter 3: Review of a First Date”

  1. Dondon says:

    I think your date only wanted to have a companion..but if you’d ask me…there are a lot of things that we are looking for in a woman…

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