Successful Pickup Lines – the 3 Cs

Baaaaad pickup line! First, yeah, I know this site is Successful ONLINE Dating, but occasionally I get out from behind the computer.

So, why do the cheesy pick up lines never work? Well, they are cheesy and we’ve all heard them before. However, we all know someone that’s met someone in a bar.

So, what’s the secret? Why do some guys (and girls) get the digits and others get rejected? I’ve found that there are 3 major components to approaches that work in person.


Clean as in not overtly sexual, or downright crude. “Nice shoes, wanna f***” just won’t cut it. Instead, something that’s polite and identifies the other person as a human rather than a sex object is a much better approach. And while the nice shoes line could possibly work – do you really want the person that would work on? Physical compliments can be used for things like a smile – but not for body parts like breasts or butts.


By cute I mean several things. Original, funny, personalized to the situation. Something that shows some clear thought. How flattering is it to know that someone was thinking about how to approach you? It’s much more flattering then a “How do you like your eggs in the morning” at last call. Using a well known line doesn’t do anything to make you stand out. Use something in the current situation to make your approach unique to right here and now.


This is important! Yes, the opposite sex is scary as hell, and most of us don’t look forward to rejection. However, most people are attracted to confident people. So speak up, sound sure of yourself. Make eye contact and smile. While rejection is a possibility, don’t approach someone apologetically or sure of defeat.

The 3 C’s in Action

The night before my birthday I was out with some friends for karaoke. At midnight, a group of the guys I know got together and had the entire bar sing Happy Birthday to me. How cool is that. One of them came up to me later and the conversation went something like this:

Him: I have a birthday present for you.

Me: You do?

Him: Yes, but it comes with a condition.

Me: (One eyebrow raised) A condition?

Him: (He pulls three little stuffed animals out from behind his back.) I’m good at the claw game, and you can have your choice, but I get your number so I can take you out sometime.

Me: Take me out where?

Him: Anywhere you want.

So I picked a bear, gave him my number, even though he was not a guy I would have picked out as a potential date. His approach was what won me over and got me thinking about how his “pick up” worked when others had not.

Written by Mandi

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5 Responses to “Successful Pickup Lines – the 3 Cs”

  1. Anderson says:

    many a times, good pick ups and the way of talking is more appealing to a woman than the looks of a man… vbery useful for all the average joes out there like me…

  2. Matthew says:

    Hmmm, using stuffed to animals from the claw game to ply women into dates, good on that guy, definitely a unique approach.
    .-= Matthew´s last blog ..Vegetarian Singles vs. BBQ Singles =-.

  3. Mandi says:

    Anderson – Most average Janes would prefer a guy be genuine with her, rather than hear a practiced line.
    .-= Mandi´s last blog ..First Date – 5 Fantastic Ideas for 1st Dates =-.

  4. Kay says:

    So let us know what works for you ;)

  5. Raffy says:

    That 3 cs are really catchy and great! This 3 cs could be the answer of some men having a hard time to impress and get in touched with the girls. This article is a total package. It says it all.. confidence.. clean.. and the 3cs in action.

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