What Does Your Profile Say About You?

Your Dating Profile The hardest first step in any online dating venture is writing your profile. How do you, in limited words, define who you are? How do you enumerate all of your wonderful values without sounding cocky or unrealistic? How honest about your flaws should you be?

Your Dating Resume

I consider a profile to be a “dating resume.” Now, that doesn’t mean I list the dates of all my past relationships and explain any gaps between boyfriends! That would just be crazy. Instead, I try to outline the reasons I’m an amazing catch – but with a focus on the type of guy I want to meet. Just like I have various forms of my resume for different jobs (some focus on my technical skills, some focus on my managerial background) I know that what I put out there will attract (hopefully) people with similar interests, values and backgrounds to what I have.

Who Are You?

I also try hard to make it clear who I am, and what my attributes are, without sounding too crazy. Now, keep in mind the less generic you are, the less people who will respond to you. When I see something like “I’m seeking someone who works out every day, who’s BMI doesn’t exceed 24, has never been to Istanbul, has green eyes and drives an Impala” I move right along. I mean, I would NEVER drive an Impala. While you might be chuckling and thinking I’m over the top again, it’s not that far from what some people put.

Negativity Turns People Away

Remember, your tone will determine who contacts you. Who out there has ever said, I’m looking for a really negative, picky, browbeating jerk? So the more “negative energy” you put out there, the less response you will be. If you are a positive, optimistic person, let that shine through. If you tend to be more of a glass is half empty sort, you may want to tone that down. There are a lot of things most people are looking to avoid; do you really need to say you are “sick of head games?” Showing too much negativity makes people assume you have some hefty baggage.

Is It You?

When you finish your profile, read it aloud to yourself. Does it sound like you? Does it flow well? Don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar. While there is more to writing an effective dating profile than this, it’s a great starting point and will help you identify what you want to say. Then you will just have to see if you are getting responses from people who might interest you, or if you are sending the wrong message.

Finding the Right Frog

The biggest question you have to ask yourself, is are you looking to cast a wide net, and maybe risk meeting a few frogs, or do you want to be more selective, and risk having the right frog hop on by?

Written by Mandi

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3 Responses to “What Does Your Profile Say About You?”

  1. Annitalady says:

    I am a people person and like being with them but I also like quiet groups or being alone for awhile. I love to visit with my friends and family, go out, dance and have fun, play games at friend’s house for a change on the weekends or just relax and have a BBQ. I like new adventures and I’m spontaneous. I am full of surprises, romance, love and tenderness and can’t wait to share it with someone who is the same. I am flirtatious but yet shy, know what I want and then go for it. I have amazing facial expressions that are worth seeing.

  2. Kay says:

    Nice profile info! Do you have it on a dating site?

  3. Great info. I don’t think most people put the time they need to into creating their profile. A good profile goes a long way.
    .-= steve@canadian dating sites´s last blog ..5 Tips to Avoid Dating Scams =-.

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