What Men Really Want

What are men looking for?

Are Looks Really What Men Are Looking For?

It’s a scientific fact that men are more visually stimulated than women.

However, is it really the physical characteristics that men find attractive – the size of your nose, the bow of your lips, the color of your hair and eyes? Or is it a more intangible quality that makes people attracted to others.

Let’s face it – we have all been out and seen a couple and thought, in one of our rare catty moments, “How did she/he get him or her? Obviously, there is more than what lies on the surface when it comes to attraction.

I’m also not trying to address the concept of when you get to know someone, and enjoy their company they can become more attractive to you. What I am talking about are how some people who the media would never flag as a super model can have swarms of men or women adoring them.

The Intangible

So what are these intangible, intrinsic features that these people have that make them more desirable?

Let’s skip past all the obvious, if you don’t have good grooming, if you have bad body odor and are unkempt, that can easily be addressed. I am also not talking about spending $500,000 on new breasts, teeth, botox and other things like that.

What I am talking about are personality traits that show on a superficial level. I can’t tell by looking at you if you are a good judge of character, if you treat your mother well or if you steal those pens they chain down at the bank.

“At-a-Glance” Traits That Shine Through

Here are five key factors to attraction:

  1. Confidence – We really can’t stress this one enough. When you are comfortable with who you are it shows. Confidence is knowing you look good and not needing to glance at your reflection in every shiny surface. Seek personal pride, not vanity.
  2. Openness – When I talked about the subtle signals that we can give of that turn men off, this was a key factor. If you don’t look approachable, why would anyone want to get closer? Are you rejecting people before they have a chance to even get near you?
  3. Kindness – Are you berating an employee of a store or restaurant? Are you telling your friend a story about everything and everyone that’s ever gone wrong? Or are you friendly and polite? No one wants to be around someone who is mean. Bad days happen to all of us. However, think about how you appear to those around you, and save the rants and raves for friends or a blog!
  4. SMILE! – It’s so true, if you smile at someone, they usually can’t help but smile back. When I am having a terrible day, I try to remember to smile at the people I pass in the hall at work. They smile back, and it always lifts my mood. Since my day job also involves telephone, I try to smile before I answer a call, so that the person on the other end hears the warmth and welcome in my voice.
  5. Sanity and Balance – We have all seen the drama queen who flips out over the slightest thing. While we can all go to extremes at times, if you are acting way over the top, you are sending out “crazy” vibes. Just like the guy on the street who talks to his trash bag makes us want to cross the street, excessively dramatic behavior causes potential dates to steer clear.
Written by Mandi


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