What Were They Thinking?

image So, for fun, I decided to go through some profiles and see what common problems or weird things I could find. Now, I had intended to go through 100 guys dating site profiles, but I only made it to 50 and my list was getting long.

First, the search: I used my personal account and my actual search criteria (single, straight men in my geographic area, between the ages of 28-36), and I went directly through the results, skipping no one, and reading every profile. See how much I love you, our readers…

The Bare Truth

Out of 50 profiles, I was impressed, only 3 shirtless photos. I really thought I would find more.

Signed with Exs and Ohs

However, out of the same 50 profiles, I found 13 profiles with their ex-girlfriend either in the photo or poorly cropped out. That’s 30% of profiles! Keep reading, because it gets worse from there…

Random Tidbits

All of the following describe actual photos that are on their profile, or real statements from their profiles. Really, I couldn’t make this stuff up (and I have a darn good imagination.)

  • A drunken photo, where there is a girl licking another girl’s chest (clothes are on) he has is arm around the girl getting licked.
  • A large photo of a bruise (I think it was his leg, but I’m not sure).
  • A photo of a guy humping a large statue.
  • A photo of a guy picking his nose, same guy different photo – he’s wearing short, short shorts and hasn’t seen the sun for years…
  • A 5 year old photo of a guy in a wife beater (at least his caption said it was 5 years old…in reality, probably 10).
  • A very manly man getting a tongue kiss from a very fluffy dog.
  • Incredibly blurry photo of a guy flashing gang signs….and I am pretty sure he’s not in ANY gang…maybe the chess club…
  • A user name of No cliché…
  • A photo of a man and his ex – he did not crop her out. No, he drew an arrow on the photo and wrote “This could be you!”
  • A photo of a guy in a Jack Daniels Tennessee Whisky shirt passed out in the grass.
  • A photo of a guy humping and or riding one of those reindeer made out of Christmas Lights you put in your front yard…
  • A guy whose “specialty is definately (sic) giving full body massages. (Very large, strong hands).”
  • A guy who stated his “current goals include finding a job.”
  • This one is actually awesome – A photo of a guy with a baby tiger…

And people wonder why online dating just doesn’t work for them?

Note from Kay: And I thought the old guys were bad!

Written by Mandi

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