Why Doesn’t He Call?

The age-old question women ask too often. There are lots of excuses we make up for them:

  • he’s sick
  • he’s injured
  • he’s dead
  • his phone erased all his numbers
  • he lost his phone
  • he’s snowed under at work
  • he’s shy
  • he’s lost his voice
  • he doesn’t want to come on too strong
  • he got arrested
  • his buddies made him go out and get drunk
  • he’s afraid he’ll fall in love

In our heart of hearts, though, we know the truth: he doesn’t have the balls to call and tell us that it doesn’t work for him. So instead he acts charming, tries to (or does) get us into bed, promises to call, and then walks away.

We live in a disposable society, and now even people are disposable. I believe online dating exacerbates this tendency, because there is no accountability. No friends to say “Hey, why’d you treat her like that?” No real chance of bumping into one another again. It’s easy enough to get back online and find another woman.

Women need to remember this and guard their hearts. It doesn’t mean we can’t be open to new relationships, but it does mean to be cautious and careful. Give it time – make him prove himself. Remember that you are special and should be treasured. Make sure you’re not being used as entertainment, arm candy, a stop-gap until the right one comes along, a convenient sex partner, or anything else that is less than what you want to be.

Written by dazzled
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3 Responses to “Why Doesn’t He Call?”

  1. Mandi says:

    I know I have used most of these…it’s so much better than thinking “He’s just not interested in me.” It’s something that I think we all do to protect our selves, but you are 100% right when you say he just doesn’t have the balls to call. Don’t forget about the last minute call on a Friday or Saturday night, that means there was nothing better to do, and he figured he’d give you a ring. Facing the truth, while painful, is always a better way to go.

  2. Amy says:

    Great article. Isn’t this the truth. When it comes down to it, men are exactly what women have (a certain body part).

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