Writing a Dating Profile – Objectively

Writing your profile I needed to focus on work and family for a while, and just did not have the energy to actively seek out new relationships; after this self imposed dating hiatus, I am ready to get back out there.

You would think that a gal who writes for a blog called Successful Online Dating would be a whiz at getting a profile up, and that the emails and contacts would be flooding in.

Writing a Profile is Hard

However, while I am updating and reevaluating, I am finding that it’s very hard to objectively look at my own profile. While I know what I should and shouldn’t be doing…I can’t always tell if I’ve done it.

We are also our own worst critic. I over analyze, over criticize and second guess myself constantly. So if you are working on your profile, take heart! We all feel this way.

Great Mandi, thanks for sharing, but what do we DO about it? Ah, yes, we can’t forget the advice part of this site. So here is my solution (drum roll please) Profile Buddies!

Get a Profile Buddy

If you don’t want to pay for a professional profile service then go to the people who know you best, your friends.

While it can be hard to admit you need help, most of your good friends should be willing to read your profile, review your photos and be honest with you.

  • Ask them, does this really sound like me?
  • Is it too trite or clichéd?
  • Am I giving away TOO much information?
  • Are the photos recent enough to be accurate?
  • Are the photos flattering?

Having an objective 3rd party review your profile will help shore up your confidence and make sure that the profile is honest. It’s easy to fall into the trap of saying “I love watching sports” because we think that’s what the men want to see, when really, you might rather gouge your eyes out with hot pokers than ever sit through another quarter, inning or round of anything.

Ask Your Friends for Advice

Feel free to ask your friends to help you answer those tricky questions like “What do people notice first about you” and “What’s your best…” All the things on profiles that for me, fall into shameless self promotion and drive me to be humble. Remember, your profile is like your dating resume – selling what you have to offer, and trying to get a good match.

Oh, and Kay, guess what you are going to be doing later? That’s right, reviewing my profile, buddy!

Written by Mandi

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2 Responses to “Writing a Dating Profile – Objectively”

  1. AvisBailee says:

    I think, Beware the professional online daters. These people are obsessed with the process and meeting people online, but never actually get serious. They are reluctant to meet in person and share details about themselves (a sign they may also be attached).

  2. Kay says:

    @AvisBailee – Good point, there area lot of “professional daters” online. They seem to be the ones that contact new members first, too.

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